Spela Trefalt



Špela is an experienced coach working with professionals who want to combine extraordinary career success with meaningful lives outside of work. Over her 10+ years of coaching, Špela has honed a focused approach to coaching that helps her clients achieve tangible improvements in very short periods of time.

A mom with a law degree, Špela is an MBA and holds a doctorate in business from Harvard Business School. Her professional background includes higher education, human resources management, HR consulting, and anchoring TV shows. Over the past 15+ years in academia, she has been researching how attorneys and consultants balance work and life. She is a professor of management at Simmons University in Boston.

Coaching style

As a coach, she draws on her expertise in work-life balance, workplace relationships, gender in organizations, and organizational change to support her clients in crafting jobs for a higher sense of meaning as well as higher effectiveness. Špela believes deeply in her clients’ ability to combine successful careers with meaningful lives. She knows that there is no single effective solution and helps clients find what works for them in their specific circumstances. Špela helps her clients find the strength and resources within themselves to take decisive steps toward where they want to be. She helps them organize their thinking, make profound discoveries, see new possibilities, and take action.

Špela’s coaching experience and her extensive research background enable her to point out possibilities that individuals may not recognize exist and to share evidence-based strategies for setting boundaries, accomplishing goals, and feeling good about one’s choices. Špela’s clients appreciate her unwavering support of their ambitions, her deep understanding of human psychology, her focused and analytical mind, and her sense of humour.

If you want to improve any aspect of your life, Špela can help you help yourself to getting there.
Špela was able to help me identify what I really wanted and where I was getting stuck.