Parental Coaching


Becoming a parent for the first or subsequent time is a life-changing event - and for many people the biggest event to impact their career. We have considerable experience of supporting professionals through this transition in the form of 1:1 parental coaching programmes. We are also specialists in designing and delivering a range of interventions and processes within organisations to ensure professional parents-to-be and new parents get the support they need to flourish. 

We typically recommend three to four 1:1 coaching sessions at key transitions through the process of becoming a working parent:

  1. At least one month before parental leave

  2. On parental leave, close to returning to work

  3. 6-8 weeks post parental leave

  4. An option to connect 6 months post parental leave

We also help organisations think through how parental coaching might fit into their broader D&I culture.  The sort of initiatives we have worked on in this remit include:

  • A bespoke mix of 1:1 coaching for senior staff and group coaching for other grades

  • Support for line managers and HR professionals in the form of written resources and workshops

  • Advice and guidance on other actions organisations can take to support working parents.  Most of our clients have flexible working policies in place but there are other (often relatively easy and low cost) wins that can complement parental coaching and have a significant impact on how staff are supported through this vital transition

  • Guidance on how to measure success of the parental support proposition.


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