Clare Allen


Clare is an experienced executive coach having worked for over 18 years exclusively in this field.  Her clients tend to be senior individuals in some form of transition, be it a new leadership role, a new responsibility, or considering where next in their career or life. 

Clare combines working independently as a coach and coach trainer with an in-house role in a large professional services firm where she leads their coaching provision.  The dual role of in-house and independent enables Clare to understand and live the pressures and complexities of organisational life, whilst also being able to view the world from outside an organisational system.  Prior to her coaching career, Clare qualified as a Chartered Tax Advisor, working with two of the large accountancy firms.

Coaching Style

Clare is passionate about enabling people to have the time and space to explore their opportunities and challenges and sees herself as a thinking partner. Her intent is to help her clients take a step back to view their situation from different perspectives with the aim that they are intentional with their actions.

Clare’s style tends to be challenging, thought provoking and honest underpinned by a healthy dose of pragmatism. Clare will encourage clients to ground their ideas and take practical steps towards their goals. Clare shares relevant models and theories if they are likely to help the thinking in the room. However, she holds these lightly and tailors her approach and the frameworks she uses for each client.

I found Clare a breath of fresh air. Through considered consultation with me and the team, she designed and facilitated a two-day off-site that was transformational for those involved. It formed a global team where before there were fractured relationships.
Time with Clare enables me to identify issues and priorities and, through our discussions, enables me to determine my approach and commitment to these.