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Helen Buckwell



Helen is an executive coach and leadership development specialist. She has a wealth of experience in professional services organisations and large corporates, most recently as the UK Head of Leadership and Skills Development in one of the ‘Big 4’ Accounting firms. With 20 years experience in Learning and Coaching she brings valuable knowledge of psychological frameworks and theories, combined with in depth practical insight into corporate and professional lives - the dilemmas, challenges and opportunities such environments bring. She combines in depth experience of designing and facilitating group coaching workshops that provide space for reflection, collaboration, and a focus on the real application of learning.

Helen spends much of her time working with individuals and groups who are keen to enhance their leadership capability. Areas of focus include how to increase self awareness, explore inner strengths and understand the situations that may hold them back from operating to their full potential. She works with clients to explore how best to communicate with impact and build trusted relationships that help achieve the goals important to them. Most importantly, Helen helps clients explore how to adopt a style that is both highly effective and authentic.

Coaching style

Helen enjoys working with individuals who are focused on achieving their goals and building a fulfilling career - individuals who are keen to take time to reflect and have their thinking challenged. She works with clients to build a safe environment that provides time to step back from the day to day leadership role and explore personal drivers, mindsets, behaviours and desired outputs. She is adept at creating a supportive and non-judgemental environment where clients can be their true, authentic selves. Most of all, she is passionate about ensuring her coaching and learning interventions lead to tangible change for her clients.

Talking through my strengths with Helen has given me more confidence to feel I can actually add some value. She creates and atmosphere that makes me feel as though I can openly talk through my issues/ worries etc
Helen was able to listen and take on board my download of historic issues and concerns and use them to helpfully challenge and channel my thoughts and approach to current issues