Charlotte Badman



Charlotte is an outstanding coach who works with individuals determined to invest in themselves and realise their full potential. She has over twenty years' experience helping leaders to solve complex problems and achieve success. Charlotte connects empathetically with her clients, helping them enact positive change through her pragmatic and supportive style.

Charlotte has a wealth of experience in professional services firms and corporates, with notable depth in Financial Services and Media. Prior to coaching, she enjoyed a successful career working in a client-facing capacity for a ‘Big 4’ accounting firm and a top tier management consultancy. This means she truly understands, and never underestimates, the pressures and complexities of demanding professions. Charlotte has been a Magistrate for over a decade and leverages this experience to assist her clients in developing their critical thinking and decision-making skills.

She helps them identify changes they wish to make, and supports them as they take responsibility for managing that transition.

Coaching style

Charlotte helps her clients become the best versions of their professional self. At the core of her style is the adamant belief that everyone has far more potential than they realise. She supports her clients to amplify their existing strengths and identify their as yet unrecognised abilities. Charlotte truly believes that people think with greater clarity and insight when they are listened to attentively, with respect and without judgement. She helps her clients to structure their thoughts, and supports them to find solutions, set goals and take action.

Charlotte uses powerful yet constructive challenge to help her clients break free of their negative assumptions, associations, and behavioural patterns. She believes challenge should be presented in a timely and supportive manner, often with a touch of humour.

The impact her coaching has had on me is life-changing.
Charlotte is a natural coach and I felt at ease with her immediately. Her active listening skills are exceptional.